Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lauritzen Garden

Yes Raskolniikov we have castles in Nebraska!
Every year the Lauritzen gardens creates a winter wonderland exhibit.
There is literally a whole city, with replicas of the famous Omaha landmarks, bridges, and the railroad.
Each building is created by a local artists and they are made of all natural materials.
This is the likeness of the Joslyn Castle. I will post photos of the actual castle sometime in the
near future. Of course the castles here are somewhat different than in other places around the world.
But no less inspiring!


  1. It looks like an intriguing construction.

  2. hellllooo, rio! Great to see a fellow Omahan's photoblog on the portal. beautiful camera work and blog too! Welcome aboard!

  3. Thank you for the welcome raf. I actually live in the area but in the middle of no where, and that does not qualify for a blog here, so I have adopted Omaha as my own. :)

    thanks for the compliment, ahh geez.




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