Sunday, December 26, 2010

just in time for the new year

The new campaign for public health. Omaha is ranked down on that list at 142 for healthiest cities to live.
When the commercials first came out on TV they caused a bit of a reaction, they portrayed a large woman being taunted by a very thin woman at the market, this did not send a balanced ideal to the female viewers and was NOT well received.


  1. Yes obsesity is not pleasant, however there are many variables and many causes.

    my philosphy is to never stop moving. This may not apply for some people, so the answer may be something different for them. you can only help people if they want to be helped- i am a firm believer that shame does not work.

  2. Whilst I do agree with Steffe, this is not an easy and/or simple subject. But I guess you have to start somewhere and if the campaign makes people think then thats the way to go.
    Have a Merry Christmas. Paul at Leeds daily photo

  3. Talk about tough love. Hopefully people will look at it with a more open mind.



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