Sunday, December 19, 2010

Prairie palace

Nebaska State capital, palace on the prairie, there is another nickname that represents its
shape ;). Never the less the building is a WOwing work of art, towering 400 ft above the plains it was built in 1922. when you enter the building there is a feeling of being inside a crypt and your  steps echo down the hall to the other end and back to you. fun to tap dance, until the guard comes to stop you! crazy arts and crafts style lighting. i have been told that there are ghosts who roam the halls and once a friend said that the elevator light lit like someone had pushed it, only NO one was there. The elevators are about the size of a large phone box and they shimmy and groan popping and jump at your stop.  you can take them nearly to the top- there overlook which you can walk around to see the view .
the inside is quite amazing with chambers which branch from a center chamber with a grand dome ceiling. four outer chambers lay outward in the four directions. a sower is stand at the very top of the structure with his basket sowing his seed to the four winds. there are exquisite works of art on the walls, the floor is freaking awesome made of millions of tiny glass tiles to create images!!! 


  1. you have grammar and spelling mistakes in your above essay.

  2. This sounds like a Must Visit!
    For various reasons..



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