Brighton at night

God Bless England

Lulworth Cove, Dorset England

Eastbourne pier
London Street scene
London street scene
durdle door area

Durdle Door, coast of England

Bodiam castle, England

Brighton Pier, England

castle bridge

london skyline with the eye, big ben, london brige, st. paul's cathedral in background

the harbor in the thames, huge cruise ship was docked in and if you look very closely you will see a little blue kayak in the center!

Field of rapeseed, England


i was told by a friend that this is known as the seven sisters, coast of england

along the beachhead

chalk cliffs

lighthouse at beachyhead on the coast of england
lawnmowers, english countryside



boarding flight over the Grand Canyon

grand canyon vew of the colorado river

aerial view of the grand canyon

navapai ridge

the painted desert

roadside stand, navajo sell thier woven blankets and handmade gifts to tourists

another navajo stand, this stand sold a bit of everything, some things i am pretty sure 'made in china' :)

sunsets over the canyon are spectacular, but the trick is to find a good spot.

i imagine this landscape on mars, the rock is really this red!

horseshoe rim

desert earth blown and then sculpted by the rain and wind into these ridges

antelope canyon

taking a break on the cliff overlook, my friends becky and seth

Ash mounds in eastern Arizona

Lake powell, an oasis in the desert, a manmade lake

CALIFORNIA (Santa monica pier and a bit of hollywood)

Night in a wigWam!

Segoe petrogyphs, outside of a ghost town called Thompson

sanstone rock formations on the southeastern edge of Utah
San Raphael valley Utah

Yellowstone Falls/ Yellowstone National Park
'Old Faithful' Yellowstone park


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